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Originally Posted by mja View Post
See, here's where we part ways, and it comes down to me realizing that I have no ****ing clue what goes on in Holmgren's office, and you making a plethora of assumptions.

For all we know, the Flyers scouts came back and said, "Homer, go get Mez, he's being abused in Tampa, stay away from the free agents," For all we know Homer already had decided that Mez would be a better pick up, than say, Paul Martin, not because of jitters, but because he's a hockey guy and he's in a position to make that call and he's making that call. For all we know, there was another suitor in line for Mez, and he's gone to that other suitor if Homer doesn't make the move when he does.

We don't know ANYTHING that goes on at that level, so why bother trying to feel anything about it? Judge the move on the merits of the move. A 2nd for a young guy with #2 type two-way upside is simply a steal, no?

That's the crow I want you to eat, not anything you said or think about Mez as a player.
I understand that I ALSO have zero clue about what Homer did or didn't do. All I am doing is talking about how I FEEL about the timing of his move. Prior to 12 noon the transaction makes me uneasy because it is a fact that he didn't even play free agency. After 12 noon, I don't know if he would actually talk to some people, but he has that option and that makes ME FEEL more comfortable that he arrived at the best conclusion.

We are talking about opinions here. Opinions on matters that can never be proven or disproven. Any and all criticism I had was about the transaction not the player. We will never be able to go back in time to go about it in another manner to see if my concerns had any validity. I said nothing negative about the player, which is something that could be proven or disproven. If I had said I hated the move because I think Meszaros is garbage, you could then laugh in my face and say "look how good he was". I said Meszaros was good and he was good. Why am I taking flack?

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