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04-29-2011, 08:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Orangecrush18 View Post
I would not trade carter for a goalie. The days of high paid big name goalies being highly successful are over. Post lockout hockey has been about scoring and team systems, sure pre lockout a guy like brodeur could steal games because everyone could hug, hook, hold, grab, trap and it lead to 1-0, 2-1 games that the better goalie would usually win. That is over and that is why the top goalies in the league have done nothing, spend on a goalie and your team suffers.

Pick your poison.
i've rethought and think this is our last year to try and run and gun our way to a cup. we have more depth offensively than we've had since the 70's. we have what most people consider to be the best defense in the league when healthy. were maxed against the cap.(and you cant cry about shelleys contract takin money away from anything gamebreaking). If we win a cup this year, than our plan worked in the end. if not, screw this .....we need to get an elite goalie by significant trade somehow. and it is a matter of desire, cause we get everything else we want. and if not carter, than who would warrant a snif at a real goalie that we could in reality live without. (we cant live without giroux or briere, maybe richards?)

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