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04-29-2011, 10:02 PM
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Originally Posted by HankAndDank View Post
I would say that I'm shocked by all the Canucks hate here, but I'm really not. I'm guessing a lot of it stems from Canucks fans following the team on the road and helping to fill up your buildings. Personally, I'm planning to head down try and catch a game in LA and/or Anaheim, as well as Phoenix(assuming the team is still there).

I feel like I've seen more comments in this thread about the Canucks thinking they will "roll over the Preds" than everywhere else combined. Maybe I'm wrong? I think anyone with common sense remembers that Nashville played us really tough in the regular season and are one of the top defensive teams in the league.

And just so everyone knows I do actually cheer for the Preds when they aren't playing my Nucks. My cousin grew up with Smithson, so he's a big Preds fan(as is just about everyone in Vernon, BC), so I've got a bit of a connection there

Anyways, good luck Nashville. I know that game 1 was far from an indication of how good this team really is
Come on, man. Unnecessary. I know people are coming around to troll Canucks fans, and it's pretty stupid. With that in mind, of all the forums you can bring that to you brought it to ours? We're never that far removed from worrying about relocation ourselves. Let's rise above the trolling around here shall we

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