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Originally Posted by Midnight Judges View Post
I trained with Aaron Riley for a while (youtube him). I think you are severely underrating the knowledge and skill required to be a decent fighter. Having a ground game is a must.

What would you say if someone decided to start a hockey career at 39? How is this different?
And I've rolled at Kurt Pellegrino's gym with some very, very good guys who's names I won't be dropping on here. I know very well the skills to be a good fighter. What's your point?

There are plenty of fighters around the low level circuits who have either zero stand-up or zero ground games. If you actually watch minor MMA, you'd know this. Go to a local amateur show or a low level pro show and watch some of the guys fighting. There are completely one dimensional fighters in those organizations.

Brash is not even fighting in an organization near the level of King of the Cage. I am not worried about him getting injured or hurt. He's a professional athlete with more strength and stamina than nearly any of the guys he has a potential of fighting. I watch every level of fighting -- from amateur to local scenes to minor MMA (KOTC, M1), to mid major MMA (Bellator) to the big boys. You can find many, many, many guys who will only stand and throw at the bottom levels. There is a multitude of them. Go to a local show and you can probably count 5 or 6 completely one dimensional fighters.

I don't know who you guys think Brash will be fighting. He is going to be getting a scrub. An absolute bottom of the barrel scrub. Only way he doesn't is if he actually requests someone good (and then he might get his ass beat) as a challenge.

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