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04-30-2011, 01:06 AM
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Originally Posted by SMoneyMonkey View Post
I am personally starting to feel like our prospects don't get enough of a chance. I like Smyth, for instance, but what if somebody had stepped up and been better than Smyth. We'd be able to lose 6mil off the cap and a good prospect would have gotten some good ice time.

I know people are a bit hesitant because there's a theme in HF that every prospect is better than any regular NHLer and what not but, still, I feel like a lot weren't given a chance. Schenn should have been called up when Stoll got suspended, for instance. Clifford should have been given a chance to play with some decent skill. Holloway should really have been given some kind of shot at the NHL.
Originally Posted by Fishhead View Post
The way I see it, is the Kings have to find a way to get guys like Hickey, Voinov, Holloway, and so on into the lineup. Not only to see what they can do, but to ascertain their value to the organization and to other teams around the league. Then, you either move them in a package with solid roster players for a top talent, or you trade your roster players if you feel the young guys can replace them.
I agree that the Kings should be taking more risks, especially given their prowess at finding good players in the late rounds. The window is opening for this team, and it's the perfect time for a major move with our youth being ready.
Remember five years ago, when we all pined for the day when our prospects would be given the time to develop slowly, playing out their junior or NCAA eligibility before rounding out their game in the AHL?

Of course, you're right, that is the big question, and it's one of risk. How much do you invest in veteran players about whom you have better information but with whom you have to invest more and get less roster flexibility? How much do you trust prospects who are unproven but cheap and can be sent back to the minors? How, ultimately, to make the best use of assets?

I think what has prevented us from seeing more prospects this past year was health, particularly on defense. The Kings were quite healthy, but you have to figure that we're going to lose someone for a big chunk of the season next year. Then whoever of Voynov, Muzzin, or whoever else outplays Drewiske and Harrold (if those two are even around) will find a spot on the big club. I think the same will be true of the forward core. There will be an opening or two, and whichever forward wins a spot coming out of camp will make the team. The others will have to wait for injuries.

After all, it's not like the Kings haven't been integrating prospects into the lineup every year. This year it was Martinez, Clifford, and Bernier--not bad at all to have three prospects claim jobs on the big club and perform well.

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