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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
The criticisms of the move for Meszaros were ALWAYS grounded in cost distribution across the roster... so to treat critiques of the deal as if they weren't hedged against other positions is ignoring the primary beef that folks have had with the philosophy Holmgren adopted on D.
Hold on a second. You argued that upgrading the D did not tie Homer's hands salary-wise, and that he could have kept Gagne, correct? Logically, this means that he could still have traded Gagne and used the Gagne's money not at forward but at goaltender, correct?

Also, the average salary of the FA options to Leighton ended up being pretty much Leighton's exact salary, so in the end, Meszaros is completely irrelevant anyway, correct?

Given all that, the primary beef is non-existent, because as you yourself have helped to demonstrate, it wasn't an issue. Holmgren could have traded for Mez and signed one of the other FA goalies, correct?

Hell, he could have traded for Mez, signed one of the other FA goalies, AND kept Gagne. We essentially wouldn't have Versteeg & Zherdev, but that was completely doable, correct?

Given that, the Meszaros trade should be judged purely on the merits of the deal. A 2nd for Mez is a steal. Period.

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