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Originally Posted by King Kool Aid View Post
Great idea....maybe he and Gomez can play on a line together - and if Gauthier could talk Lafleur into coming out of retirement - what a line those 3 would make.

The sad truth is that if fans are even thinking about bringing in recapped retreads ....this will tell us all how bad off this organization really is.

Habs have 4 young players to build around - Price, Subban, Max P. (if he can regain his pre-injury form and continue to develop) and maybe Eller. Unfortunately - their current list of Habs players-to-be would not strike fear into the hearts of opposing GMs or coaches.

The sad reality: The NHLís best teams have a much better draft record than do the Canadiens, regardless of their respective order of player selection.

Acquiring Gomez, brining in players like Gagr (way past his prime) are just continued forms of the patch-job rebuild that the Habs have been attempting over the past (now) 19 years.

Why not concentrate on building a team the way the NHL's best teams have been built?

If the Habs have to start at the bottom of the league (like the Oilers are finally doing under Tambellini) in order to acquire the top end talent needed to compete with the NHL's best teams - so be it.....they are in the process of rebulding for the 19th consecutive year - why not finally do the job right?

Detroit is one of the best teams year in and year out and they don't tank to get themselves there. And if you could stop talking out of your ass it would be great because, believe it or not, since Timmins was hired, the Habs has one of the best recruiting and devellopement group.

Now.. trading away talent for pratically nothing, that's another story.

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