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04-30-2011, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by King Kool Aid View Post
You are right - Detroit does not 'tank' to remain an elite team - because they they don't have to - they know how to draft and develop players - obviously they are the exception to the rule.

The HABS have been rebuilding for the last 19 years - if you want an elite team - the Habs 'formula' for rebuilding does not work!

Look at the best teams in the NHL - the nucleus of their roster is built through the DRAFT!

If the Habs had drafted well Gainey and his (then) assistant Gauthier would not have to have built his current roster with UFAs -and be saddled with long term albatross contracts and a team of smurfs.

When Gainey took over in 2003 the Habs lacked a big top-6 centre and a power forward - 8 years later the Habs continue to lack a big top-6 centre and a power forward.

Aside from Price, Subban and Max P. - where is all this great talent that Timmins has drafted for the Habs?

And - who do the Habs have in their system who will be ceratin difference makers at the NHL level?

Wake up dude - the cupboard is bare!

According to the HF Boards NHL Organization Rankings teams that are currently better than Montral have better players in their system than do the Habs including L.A. Wsahington, Pittsburgh, Boston, Detroit, Chicago and even the lowly Tornoto Maple Leafs!

The talent the Habs have traded away may be useful on their new teams - but none of those players will be front line players on Cup competitors!

If the formula for being elite is tanking and being awful for years, why haven't Washington, Boston, L.A., Toronto, Atlanta, Phoenix, Columbus, Islanders, Florida, St.Louis etc haven't gotten past the 2nd round in almost decades+.

Face it, for every Chicago and Pittsburgh there is a Islanders, Columbus, Atlanta, Florida. Like you mentioned with Detroit, they key isn't finishing last every year, it's developing players you draft properly.

I think what you want isn't merely a cup competitor, rather a superstar, elite player of the ilk of an Ovechkin or Crosby. Because good trading and player developing is a much more sustainable team building philosophy than having your fans suffer for years to perhaps be as good as you are now with the addition of a star player.

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