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04-30-2011, 11:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Watsatheo View Post
If the formula for being elite is tanking and being awful for years, why haven't Washington, Boston, L.A., Toronto, Atlanta, Phoenix, Columbus, Islanders, Florida, St.Louis etc haven't gotten past the 2nd round in almost decades+.

Face it, for every Chicago and Pittsburgh there is a Islanders, Columbus, Atlanta, Florida. Like you mentioned with Detroit, they key isn't finishing last every year, it's developing players you draft properly.

I think what you want isn't merely a cup competitor, rather a superstar, elite player of the ilk of an Ovechkin or Crosby. Because good trading and player developing is a much more sustainable team building philosophy than having your fans suffer for years to perhaps be as good as you are now with the addition of a star player.
A lot of people underate our situation regarding superstars, we have one in net right now, and we are literally on the cusp of having one on defense. A one-two punch like that in the most important positions for long-term winning in hockey is so important. People seem to only care about superstar forwards, which I admit would be very nice to have right now but we just simply don't. But we also don't know what the future holds, we could very well draft one this year for all we know. Gomez's salary eventually coming off the books is going to open up Superstar money as well. As long as we have Price-Subban we have a window to build a contender.

There is just a lot of negativity and "grass is greener" mentality on this forum. By no means is this team perfect, but we have a lot of potential with the young players we have. I can't help but remain optimistic, if anything I think Gauthier has shown he's more of a building through the draft and player development kind of guy than Gainey was and that in itself is a step in the right direction. Just look at how Pacioretty worked out for us this season, the timing of his call-up was immaculate.

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