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04-30-2011, 12:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Tadite View Post
You can be sarcastic all you want but Purcell had his shot.
... Oh, well there's some conclusive and objective proof, right there. "He had his shot".

Originally Posted by Tadite View Post
You could also start with all those nice stories of Purcell sitting on the periphery scared to take a hit or the ones about how he never bothered to back check. Or how about the ones in which he never won a battle on the boards in his life?
... First of all, nobody in the NHL likes to get hit, so let's get that out of the way right off the bat. As for the rest of this passage, you may as well say "making up things is so much fun!" because that's exactly what you're doing. He definitely back checked, he definitely played a decent enough game defensively. The knock on Purcell wasn't that he hurt the team defensively, because he certainly didn't. It was that he didn't do enough offensively.

Originally Posted by Tadite View Post
Guy was openly talked about by the GM of a NHL team as a future top-6 player. DL specifically said he thought he'd be a 1st liner on the Kings.
... Talk is cheap. What action did the Kings take?

Originally Posted by Tadite View Post
He got 91 games on the Kings with a whole hell of a lot of support from management and didn't get it done.
... This is the action the Kings took: 91 games at a little over 12 minutes per game, with over half of those games playing out of position. Yeah, that's really being well-supported, right there. Besides that, what's 91 games? A little over a season's worth. So, if a guy doesn't pan out in a season's worth of games, he should just be tossed aside? I didn't see Purcell afraid of being hit, or afraid of a battle along the boards, or any of that crap. I saw a player afraid to make a mistake. I saw a player who wasn't confident, and for good reason - because the head coach of the team had zero confidence in him.

Why not call it out for what it is? The team's coach (who was hired by the team's GM, by the way) didn't think he could play. And both of them were wrong. He's on a playoff team in the second round (something the Kings haven't done in a decade, by the way) and he was third on that team in assists, fifth in goals, second in plus-minus, all while playing a comparatively low number of minutes. He was an efficient top six player offensively without hurting the team defensively. So, why not be honest about it? He was traded for essentially nothing because there was a logjam at RW. Which is fine; if it's a numbers game, it's a numbers game. That happens. But there's no reason to be lying and saying "well he got a full shot" when he obviously didn't, and there's no way in hell that the Kings saw Purcell as the player he became in Tampa this season - otherwise he would have seen more than the bare minimum of shifts in L.A. It's that simple.

Originally Posted by Tadite View Post
If anything the problem was that back in 09/10 Parse was suppose to turn into the top-6 skills guy making Purcell expendable and he ends up losing a whole season...
... LMFAO. Are you serious with this? Parse was completely an afterthought when he was brought up, and was NEVER considered to be a top six mainstay or "skills guy" at any time. The season before (08-09) Parse scored 38 points in 74 games at Manchester. Does that scream out "NHL top six player" to you??? If he was supposed to be a top six guy in 09-10, he would have played more than 10 1/2 minutes per game that season, right? He would have received more than zero power play time that season, right? Are you just making this up as you go along? Look at Parse's season in 09-10. There were some games he got less than ten minutes of ice time out there - one game he played 5:24, another 8:49, another 9:50, another 8:01, and it goes on and on like that. By the end of the season, Parse wasn't getting ANY time out there - he was under 10 minutes in 10 of his last 12 games. He averaged less than 7 minutes a game in the playoffs. And THIS is the man the Kings wanted to turn into a top six??? Interesting.

Parse was just made the #1 LW in 10-11 by default - Frolov was gone, Smyth was developing more chemistry with the veteran second line, Ponikarovsky wasn't winning the confidence of the coach, Loktionov lacked experience and durability. Who else was left at the time? Parse had a season under his belt and had scored in double figures in that season. He got the nod because of that, then he promptly got injured.

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