Thread: Islanders Point Blank: Superb Interview With Gord Miller
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04-30-2011, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by LAIslanderFan View Post
I don't think it's that simple with Charles Wang. I see it broken down into 3 different periods:
The Milbury era: Wang buys the team, knows nothing about hockey and let's Mike Milbury have carte blanche. Milbury spends Wangs money, brings in Peca and Yashin.
In the take it for what's it's worth category Milbury seems to put blame of the 10 year deal on Wang. Wang definitely was responsible for the Dipietro deal as well.

Trading for a marquee player wasn't a bad idea(although hindsite being 20/20 they might have been better going after Lindros or Jagr who were also traded at roughly the same time) but the 10 contract they gave to Yashin is what killed us. I would have loved to see how different the Yashin era for this team would have been if they just gave him a 5 year deal.

While the Dipeitro deal was more a calculated risk because unlike Yashin it wasn't a case of paying a guy top dollar for 10 years, but that deal blew up in our face quickly(I always said the only bad thing that could possibly happen with the contract is if Dipietro gets injured and become a shell of himself, sadly it took less then 1 year for that scenario to happen)

The fact that Wang was involved in both of our biggest contract blunders though will always put a negative mark on the team if they ever go out looking for another GM. I am guessing Neil Smith as well probably doesn't have the happiest memories of his 40 days here.

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