Thread: Islanders Point Blank: Superb Interview With Gord Miller
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04-30-2011, 02:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Sidney the Kidney View Post
Let's not re-write history entirely, here. While he certainly was a solid contributor to the Pens' win, I don't think you can call him a "key piece", not unless you also want to call every single player who suited up for the Pens that playoff drive a "key piece".

The big minute guys on defense were the Gonchar/Orpik pairing (number one pairing), and the shutdown duo of Scuderi/Gill. Eaton played on the bottom pairing with Kris Letang. Eaton was hardly counted on to be "the man" in any key situations, whether it be PK, PP, or shutting down the opposition's top players.

As I said above, he was solid in that role as a bottom pairing guy, and by no means am I agreeing with the suggestion he wilts under pressure. But you kind of make it sound like he was one of the key cogs of winning. Eaton was the defense equivalent of what a guy like Craig Adams was to the forward group. Adams did his part, but he was hardly what I'd call a "key piece".

Your first paragraph, you seem to defend Wang by saying he was willing to spend money to bring in Martin and/or Kovalchuk. Your second paragraph you then seem to defend the organization's lack of spending by saying it doesn't make sense to throw money around during a rebuild.

I guess I'm just wondering which is it? If Wang had landed Martin and/or Kovalchuk, would you have criticized him for it since he'd be "throwing around money during a rebuild"? And if you would have applauded him for the signings, then doesn't that go against the part I bolded in your second paragraph?

I'm just clarifying here, because it seems in one post you're defending *both* sides of the coin: that's there's proof he's willing to spend, but also that it makes no sense to spend.
When the Islander rebuild is brought up, fans often state that the Islanders should at least add a veteran or two to the lineup to help the young core. Then they follow it up with the notion that Wang didn't add anyone, because he doesn't want to spend the money. I was actaully defending Wang, saying he's willing to spend the money in some cases, but for the rebuild to take place, he shouldn't get reckless and sign 4 or 5 veterans in a push to make the playoffs, and stunt the rebuilding process.

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