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04-30-2011, 04:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Dekar View Post
I'm with this.

What annoys me is that the two guys I like the most as far as their personalities go are the two guys I want to see leave for the betterment of the team.

Gomez is untradeable at his cap-hit, and unless we get lucky and are able to trade Spacek to a team that's having injury trouble and need a one-season depth defenceman, nobody's going to want him either as he's aging, slow, and prone to offensive zone mistakes.

When you have so much invested into a guy like Gomez, I really hate to admit any major failings and keep the faith, but the letdown this season has been beyond what I'm willing to overlook. I'm very hopeful that he'll turn it around next season though, so I won't give up on him if the management doesn't, but it's going to be a bitter pill to swallow if this happens again.
Gomez represents a double-edged sword with this organization as he represents both the best chance we have at icing a very complete team next season, should he return to form, or a team with a glaring weakness in the #2 center position should he continue to falter and Eller/Desharnais are unable to fill the void. Furthermore, while I still believe he is still trade-able, should he have another season like this one, he will only devalue further which will take that opportunity away rather quickly.

All this being said, the end of next season may also provide an opportunity to rid ourselves of him, should he not perform, that would allow us to save face (as in not sending him to the minors), avoid the cap penalty from buying him out, and one that wouldn't involve a trade. Following next season, the NHL and NHLPA will enter another CBA. There is absolutely no guarantee this will happen again, but, either at the end of or just before discussions took place, all NHL teams were allowed penalty-free buyout period in which teams were allowed to buyout players without taking the hit against the cap they'd normally take for doing this. I haven't heard any indication that this will come to be again but it remains a possibility.

As for Spacek, he, or at least his salary, has sort of handcuffed us in the sense that even if we were able to trade him we'd need the dollars to extend Subban/Price next season. At this point, I'd be happier seeing them trade him for whatever they can get because, outside of experience, I don't feel as though there is anything he can offer that Weber can't do for (an estimated) $3mil cheaper. His salary may allow us to take on another player for the year but I'm not convinced that we can afford to use his money to sign another player to a multi-year deal due to Subban/Price.

So in response to your post, I don't think you need to get out the pill and pour a glass of water yet but at the same token starting to sugar-coat that pill won't do you any harm either.

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