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04-30-2011, 03:29 PM
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Allen Bradford:

Positives: Rugged downhill runner. Quickly presses the line. Lowers his shoulders and secures the ball with both hands as he enters traffic. Runs with good forward lean. Keeps his legs churning to grind out tough yards. Often able to break through the initial defender's tackle. Good vision and shows surprisingly light, quick feet and balance to step through the trash. Unlike many bigger backs, doesn't get carried away with being physical. Can get skinny through the line and isn't opposed to letting his underrated agility and speed beat the defender, rather than relying solely on his power. Saw time at fullback at USC and demonstrates a willingness to lower his shoulder to dictate the action as a lead blocker.

Negatives: Only marginal top-end speed. Might not be able to consistently beat NFL linebackers to the edge. Gets himself in trouble when he runs high, exposing himself (and the ball) to big hits. Has to do a better job of keeping his hands inside the pads of defenders when blocking in pass protection. Appears to have only average hands for the reception. Only caught four pass in over the past two seasons (for 76 yards) and has only 14 receptions over his career (176 yards, four touchdowns).

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