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10-15-2003, 02:36 PM
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Some positives.

There ARE some good things coming out of the first three Oiler games.

1. Salo. He's made some huge saves, has let in only one real stinker and has given the Oilers a chance to find their legs in every game, including Vancouver.

2. Laraque. This is easily his best start to any season since he's been here. He looks like he's much quicker in open ice.

3. Horcoff. I know he took a penalty last night at a bad time, but he's shown some moves and deft passing skills so far.

4. Torres. I love this guy! Hands of stone, but we love these guys.

5. Smyth. Remember now he's still nursing an injury, and has had some uneven shifts. However, there's alot of try and he's popped 2 of the team's 5 goals.

6. Hemsky. He's made stellar passes every game, it's not his fault there isn't more finish on his line.

7. Jason Smith. He's healthy, thank God.

8. Bergeron. Has enough speed to make up for mistakes, and a mean streak.

9. Brewer. I don't think most will agree, and his outlet passes could be alot better, but he looks confident.

imo York is still hurt, and the team at center is as poor as they have been since the WHA days. That has to be fixed, and then everything else will fall into place.

Watching the Oilers at center right now is like watching Hubie Brooks play shortstop for the Expos in the 80s.

It just doesn't look right.

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