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05-01-2011, 02:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Seb View Post
I found it very incredible for GSP to control the fight like he did with a disabled eye.

Might not have been the most exciting fight but I liked it anyway. He's very technical and his defense is flawless. Loved it.

Let's hope his eye injury isn't serious.
Pretty easy to have a flawless defense when the guy you're fighting doesn't even try to use his skills to beat you.
Shields was hyped up (over hyped as usual) as this unstoppable juggernaut in BJJ. Now, I've been watching the UFC for many years and I know they always try to over hype fights especially when they have a depleted division. Having watched Shields in his last few fights, I knew there was no chance he would beat GSP. That being said, he made it extra easy on him by not even shooting for a takedown once. I can understand trying to establish a strategy in order to make GSP think you want to keep it standing the whole time, but not one takedown attempt??? Ridiculous.
As for GSP, I really don't know what he was doing. It was yet another boring fight from GSP who was mainly popular for his entertaining display of action in his earlier years. Another example as to why A.Silva is without a doubt, the best P4P fighter in the world.
Jake Shields had no business being in a Championship Bout, it was embarrassing.

As for Couture, just retire already.

Rather boring UFC yet again, only Aldo was entertaining.

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