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10-15-2003, 02:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Freudian
This doesn't make any sense. Even if Washinton picks up a lot of salary, Jagr would still eat up 1/3 of their player budget. And they would have to give up the players that can help them in 3-4 years time for a 30+ guy?
Personally, a five million dollar expense for Jagr if Jagr returns to be the player he was when he left isn't a problem for the Pens . . . especially if it puts bodies into the seats. At least it shouldn't be. But IMHO the rumor starts from the Capitals side where Ted Leonsis is insisting that their budget be cut to $42 million. I think it's at $50 million right now. They can't move Jagr anywhere without absorbing some of his salary. At no one will do the trade without dumping one of there high priced superstars in return. Leonsis has himself in a catch-22. Which is good because he put himself there. They can sellout the seat in the MCI Center even during the playoffs. The only way to cut costs to to dump Jagr. And get players who will play at the AHL level for a year to make up the difference.
Penguins would be absolutely insane to do it. They have already done the hardest part of rebuilding and tearing that down just to start from scratch again in a few years would be nuts.
If you think Eastwood, Berehowsky, Holtzinger, Buchberger,McKenna, Bergevin are part of a youth movement? Anyhow, maybe those players mention weren't the ones maybe they were some others. Insane to do it, maybe not.
The only way I can see anything like this happening . . .
So the Penguins would be absolutely insane to do it but you think there might be a reason yourself . . . LOL.

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