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10-15-2003, 03:00 PM
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Originally Posted by dawgbone
He hasn't lost his job.

As for sitting a player because he has a mediocre camp, it sends the message that it isn't acceptable, that you need to come to camp ready to play. Aside from that, it wasn't a mediocre pre-season, it was a bad one. He did very little in terms of physical play, and that is something the Oilers desparately need from him.

If he isn't good enough in pre-season, he isn't good enough to start the season, because it isn't like he was improving through the pre-season, he probably actually got worse. Besides, sitting up in the PB isn't necessarily bad, you can sure learn alot from up there in terms of timing and positioning.
He hasn't lost his job? It sure looks like it's on the backburners for the time being.

I know that you want to send a message for a player not having the best of camps. But Cross didn't necessarily have a great camp. Neither did Ryan Smyth for that matter as he was coasting for a fair bit. Should they be sat down as well? Wouldn't that also be fair?

Sure, they need him to be more physical. But do you sit a player just for that reason? I hardly believe so. It's not as if he was failing to do all the other things correctly like breaking up passes and staying in position.

Sitting in the pressbox may not be the end of things. However, when there is very little reason to do so.. you have to question the motive. I don't think you can convince me that Semenov had a bad enough camp to deserve sitting in the pressbox while Cross is playing 20 minutes a night on the top pairing.

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