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05-01-2011, 04:12 PM
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Going back to the tracking of scoring chances, I'd look further as to why or how those chances are generated. Knowing that the Sharks won a majority of their faceoffs and were ranked 2nd overall in the NHL in faceoff wins, I would think that their puck possession time in the offensive zone was significantly higher than LA's puck possession time.

Just look at the discrepancy in shots on goal throughout the series.

Game 1: 45-35 (Sharks)
Game 2: 34-23 (Sharks)
Game 3: 36-22 (Sharks)
Game 4: 38-27 (Kings)
Game 5: 52-22 (Sharks)
Game 6: 35-29 (Sharks)

Naturally, the Kings are going to get out chanced when they are getting badly out shot, they fail to gain possession of the puck with critical faceoff wins, and they spent most of the game inside their own blueline.

Objectively watching the second round of games between the Sharks and Wings, it is even more evident that the Sharks had too much depth for the Kings to match up against. LA had four lines that are as good as San Jose's third line.

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