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10-15-2003, 03:03 PM
those were the days
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Originally Posted by IGM
One thing to remember though is that Cujo has the right to just tell the Wings that he is going to stay with them and refuse any trade. If you look at it from a bus p o v that would be the smartest thing for him. Take the emotions out of it and ask yourself what you would do if you where him.

On one hand, you have a non negotiable $16+mill coming to you for the next two years AND you are with a team that will give you a real shot at having an automatic extra $8 added to it.

If the Wings are lucky enough to find anyone out there that is willing to take a chance that Cujo still IS a top three goalie (face it, if the Wings eat 1/2 of his contract for each of the next two years that still sees him being paid over $4mill per by his new team and that puts him in the tops for goalies) and make a deal for him it will only happen if Cujo is going to recieve the exact same money that he was from Det. Making him a very very risky gamble for teams like the Avs etc.

IF the Avs were to deal for him and won the cup this year then they would also be on the hook for the "extra" year at his stupidly overpriced contract. I am one of those people who think that if there isn't a lockout after this season that the Avs will see Sakic retire (or leave) and that Kariya/Selanne and Forsberg will more than likely go elsewhere as well. Even if I am wrong here you can bet that the Avs will see some serious personell changes after this season and IF they win the cup they will be stuck with that "extra" year for Cujo.

Bad Idea.

The Wings made a truly awfull deal with Cujo and are stuck with him or with a major portion of his contract whether they like it or not. He isn't the goalie that they thought he was. He is still capable of being one of the better starting goalies in the league but he sure didn't help his rep last year.

I do think though that the Wings did what it takes to be a winner in the league when they made that deal. I may not think it was a good one but, at least they are willing to make risks to try and make sure that they have the best possible players available to make a run for the cup while keeping their soul in tact. I don't like the Wings from a fan point of veiw and believe that they will have to eat most of the Cujo mess or be stuck with him but I totally respect what they were trying to do and any team that Capt America thinks is worthy of playing with the kind of obvious pain that he is playing in this year can't be all bad.
Why would Sakic retire or leave, he's younger than Yzerman and he seems like one of those old school guys that will retire with his first and only team, I would have a hard time seeing him in another uniform, but a line with Sakic-Naslund-Betuzzi (if he's still there) would be sick. Forsberg I could see leaving though and maybe Selanne if he wins the Cup.

By and large, I'm pretty positive the Wings are stuck with Cujo, he's what 38, has the stigma of never winning the big one, overpaid, no-trade clause, what other teams can afford and take the next leap to get into the SCF? Make a short list of Ottawa, Colorado, St. Louis, Philly, Dallas, etc. they either don't need a goalie or are put off by the price. The Wings are SOL however they cut it, eat his salary to trade, buy him out, let him warm the bench/pressbox.

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