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05-01-2011, 08:24 PM
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Originally Posted by ThisYearsModel View Post
If you don't want to be in this position, don't offer the stupid contracts. This is not Drury's fault. It is not Torts' fault. It is Glen Sather's fault. I hope Chris comes back and gets his $5MM. He was promised it in a contract. He has every right to it.

Its not Sathers fault. Hindsight is 20/20. Sather paid the going rate to sign the top UFA centers that summer. Drury, Briere, Gomez..... juicey ufa's

We dont know that he set the bar. In fact the bar was really raised the season before when Tampa doled out a HUGE contract to their own Brad Richards. A contract everyone on HF was baffled by.... that contract started the ball a rolling imo

That summer the Rangers really had 2 main needs to address. Second line C and a vet D man. Somehow Sather got mixed up and signed both Gomer and Drury. If anything that was his mistake. Should have signed one, but I guess he figured Nylander was simply demanding too much.

People forget the job is MANAGING all these many layers of activity. Nylander had a career year and he wanted a big fat long contract THAT EXTENDED PAST JAGRS CONTRACT --- and that's where Sather gets in trouble. Its not his fault, its just his predicament at the time. Few on here wanted to see Nylander extended past Jagrs sweetheart deal. Personally, I would have done it, but I guess Sather knew he wouldnt be able to keep JJ when the deal expired and he didnt want Nylander without JJ.... Smart Sather

He stole Jagr from the Caps and made them pay his salary. He gambled and won. He won getting Jagr, he won getting ridiculous chemistry between Nylander, Straka and Jagr. That line along with Henrik Lundqvist dropping out of the sky derailed the Rangers post lockout re-build plans. And to be fair, I think that was the right move. We had something great happening but it slipped away with the turnover that summer. Nylander split for the $$$$ and Sather thought he had the answer in Drury and Gomez. It didn't work.

Should he have signed Briere instead? He got even more money in Philly and I doubt he'd have made the difference in NY. In fact Flyer fans hated him until last spring when he got healthy and tore through the playoffs scoring at will... he doesn't even play center regularly for the deep down the middle flyers...

So what to do with Drury?

He's probably untradeable until he's

a. proven healthy

b. the trade deadline eats up as much cap as possible

I honestly find Drury a hard guy to read. He really never says anything of substance beyond the cliche' post/pre game remarks. He does say the right things I guess, but in the end he had a piss poor season filled with many challenges and he ate up a ton of the cap in the process.

If anyone could find a slick way to 'fix' this cap wise it will be Sather. He has resources and wisdom most teams/GMs simply do not have when it comes to finding away out of the mess he's in..... a pretty clever guy actually.

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