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Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
Very good post. I'll add that the Rangers thinking at the time was they were on the verge of greater things and that they were only a player or two away from being legit contenders. Not hard to see some logic in what they did. Drury was Mr. Clutch at the time. The Rangers had been beaten by Drury's Sabres in a closely contested hard fought 6 game series that could have gone either way considering OT games etc. A bounce or two more and the Rangers could have been in the conference finals. In any case they believed that the additions of both Gomez and Drury would get them to the next level. The problem was that neither Gomez or Drury ever really found any chemistry with any Rangers forwards. That's why a raw Dubinsky wound up centering Jaromir Jagr. Those two additions didn't really take us any closer to the cup if anything they moved us further away. And in the meantime age and economics caught up with a number of Rangers. So far Drury has been the only survivor of our high income vets. Even so his game has just deteriorated to the point that he is just a shell of the player the Rangers poached off the Sabres. It's time--whether Chris wants to believe it or not--for him to go. Would prefer he'd retire but if not--buy him out.
Its called scouting and common sense. Jagr had good chemistry with Nylander and Straka, why would u not extend a contract too Nylander who played very good hockey and once again already had chemistry and than go sign two guys too bigger contracts with longer terms. Drury Sabres? I barely noticed Chris Drury all series, 1 guy and that is Ryan Miller. I was at game 5 Rangers carried the play, bull **** goaltender interferance and a cheesy goal to tie the game. You dont play **** for 60 mins and than expect the guy to be clutch, that is a bunch of BS. Chemistry was not the problem with Drury he couldint play with anyone with the loafty expectations that contract gave him. Gomez and Jagr North South- East West, your telling me a GM doesent see that.

What is with this UFA going rate. Firstly just because that is the supposed price for the players does not mean you go and sign Drury a 3rd line center at the time on a high depth Buffalo and Gomez a 2nd line center to crazy contracts. Can you see the craziness, u dont want to sign Nylander to 4.9 mil who is a first line center but were ok to sign a 3rd line center to 7 mil and second line center to 7.5 or whatever.

That was the closest we were and prob will be for a long time. You dont go and change the entire complexion of the team after a good year, you build on it and add a piece like a 2nd line center.... ya maybe a Gomez but not if we had to pay him that. Any person with a brain can think to himself, Jagr has played good with this center, Jagr doesent always play good every year if hes not happy, Jagr will make it or break it for us, why dont i sign Nyls and add another guy for depth. That is what a person with half a brain could think but Sather has a cigar for a brain.

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