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05-01-2011, 11:48 PM
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Originally Posted by phillyfanatic View Post
Yes, if we won 6-5 or 7-6, bravo goalie. Patrick Roy was known for that, if Colorado put up 7 he might let in 6, but you were NOT getting 8. If Colorado put up 1, good luck getting a sniff. Roy was great because he won, period. I don't care how you win, but Leighton won. He took us to the Stanley Cup Finals. Something Nitty, Biron, Roman, Esche, etc, etc, etc were not able to do.

People make it sound like this Flyers team is just so unbelievable that we could just throw any ol' hack out there against Montreal and Boston and we win. Yet, we were down to Boston 3-0 with Boucher in net. Montreal beat MAF and Varlamov on the way to meeting us (behind two teams most believe are better than Philly). Leighton had 3 SO's against Montreal and made a number of good saves.

If people could simply give "us fanboys" the fact that Leighton deserves some credit for getting us to the finals, there would be NO DEBATE. Me, DFF, Pete, Larry and others who have defended Leighton simply do so because the folks on the other side give Leighton ALL THE BLAME FOR THE FINALS and ZERO CREDIT FOR GETTING US THERE! ****, even making the playoffs is 100% because of the Michael Leighton waiver wire claim, because he came in and took the Flyers from well out of the playoffs to back in a hunt for 4th. he gets hurt and Boucher almost took us out of the playoffs again.

I am not wishing for Leighton in the net this year. I rank Bob and Boucher ahead of Leighton. I don't want Leighton to make the team next year, I prefer we go Bob/Boucher or Vokoun/Bob.

My one and only problem with the Leighton hate is, people will not conceed that he did a good job for us last year. Despite having an excellent save percentage, GAA, W-L record, all these things mean nothing, cause I mean, look at the finals, look at the Kane goal.....forget the stats from the regular season and first two rounds, those were all because of how great the team was in front of him and how sucky the teams we were playing against. Leighton was just sitting back there stretching his legs, letting the odd puck hit him, cause anything that would have beat him would have been blocked of simply not allowed through.

Give us that and end this damn discussion. Leighton was the goalie that led us to the finals, he deserves some respect for getting us in the playoffs and taking us to the finals. He doesn't have to ever play for the Flyers again, but please don't crap all over what he did last year. I saw with my own two eyes that he played very well to get us there.
ya know I really dont know where to begin with this. Patrick Roy should not be used in the same sentance as Michael Leighton. More closer to Craig Billington. Roy's backup in Colorado.
Save percentages dont mean **** if you give up bad goals at bad times. Roman Cechmanek, JVB, Robert Esche. All had nice to look at goalie stats. But when the time came for him to make a save when his team needed it. he failed. Yes I do remember the 12 saves he had to make in game 4 against Montreal.
What about game 3? when Montreal put some pressure on him he came up small. Bottom line, in that Montreal series he was never asked to make a big save. The team in front of him totally dominated that series sans one game.

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