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05-02-2011, 01:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
You're overvaluing Datsyuk and Malkin with that ridiculous and overpriced trade. If you think he's being a Habs homer, you're being the total opposite.

With Lidstrom likely leaving soon, Detroit would probably be enticed by a formative/starting offer of Plex+Subban for Datsyuk, and you can bet your food exit that Holland won't hang up. And in a few years it will be a steal for Detroit. Datsyuk is 32 btw. You know, there are other factors than just plain simple value to consider.
I wouldn't have the need to bet. Holland would hang up in an instant, primarily because nothing barring one of the top five players in the league would motivate him to trade Datsyuk. He is twice the player Plekanec is and his departure would be an enormous blow to the Red Wings, especially when Lidstrom retires. Speaking of whom, please tell me you have not insinuated Subban has the potential to enter Lidstrom's tier.

No I am not overvaluing him. Malkin is arguably the fourth best player in the NHL. He is a 100+ point player on a given average and is all of twenty four. Pittsburgh has no reason to move him excluding gross overpayment and would hang up on anything less. Subban has a single season under his pelt. His value is not even close to either of the two.

As for age, interesting. I seem to recall Datsyuk plays with someone relatively old, with a plethora of Norris trophies, is still considered the best defensemen in the league. Actually I believe I mentioned him here already and he is pushing forty one, non?

Jesting aside, you must never have watched Datsyuk play. He is debatably the best overall player in the league. This season alone he was on pace for 90+ until his injury. That is almost double everyone excluding Plekanec on our roster and his defensive play is simply phenomenal. You can debate age to your hearts desire but as of this moment Datsyuk has significantly more value than Subban.

Personally, I wouldn't even trade Subban one-on-one for Datsyuk, or any other player for that matter. But as far as his value goes, you seem completely blind to what we have as a player, not only for his high talent and potential to get even higher, but also the window of low cap hit he has.
... and this is where you solidify you are officially worse than Leaf fans for overvaluing your favorite player. Translated, you have just said you would not trade Subban straight up for, Crosby, Ovechkin, Malkin, Weber, Doughty, Keith, Sedins, Kesler, Parise and the list the goes on. If any of those players were offered for Subban and you refused. Congratulations, Mike Milbury is not the worst GM in NHL history anymore.

I know precisely what we have as a player here. A talented young defensemen with upper tier potential. Everyone on that list is still better, and by a considerable to enormous margin, depending on who you compare him to and you would be out of your mind to refuse a straight up trade for anyof them. Do yourself a favor, watch Ryan Kesler in the Nashville series. Scoreless he is still the best player on both teams combined, excluding maybe Rinne. This is a guy who just put up forty one goals in the season. He would be what Montreal fans drool over at center.

Cap hit is irrelevant when you consider Subban's is up for a renewal next year, and if he is as good as you believe he will be. We will be paying him $6m or he will get an offer elsewhere.

Habs management state of mind towards Subban is probably the same as Detroit vs Datsyuk. They are franchise players and rarely get traded and even less likely traded for one another, no matter the small difference in actual talent and impact they might have in comparison.

Do you really wanna argue that Subban is not a franchise player in the making. It's obvious to any GM and know full well the price would be high for the Habs to trade him. Your view of the difference in talent is ridiculous and isn't realistic.
Mate... this is one season, one season. Now read that back again, and one more time just to be certain in sunk in. You are calling Subban a franchise player, and comparing him to arguably the best overall player in the league based on one season. Do you realize how ridiculous this sounds? Subban is not a franchise player, he is a considerably talented with upper tier level potential by current estimation. You want a franchise defenseman? Watch Drew Doughty last season. Just to settle in comparisons, Doughty was up for the Norris in only his second season. That is a franchise defenseman. Could Subban emulate Doughty's success? Certainly, but it is debatable if he ever will.

If in two years Subban has continued to elevate his game and is a perpetual 50+ point player, as his game is liable to accumulate a larger point production, then we can have this decision. Until then, you have no idea what in the world you are talking about. I guarantee outside of some other Hab fans, no one would agree with you Plekanec and Subban are worth Datsyuk or Malkin.


Just to do an overview of why it would cost so much...

Cammalleri: Inconsistent forward, who is slightly overpaid; has a deadly wrist shot, is strong in the offensive zone but invisible when not scoring. Elevates his game noticeably in the playoffs
Pacioretty: Unproven power forward with reasonable ceiling, solid battler alongside the boards, grinds his way to the net; a perpetual 50-60 cailber player.
Subban: Fantastic rookie season, albeit has defensive lapses that need development, has a booming slap shot, solid puck control, is an excellent skater and can handle a heavy workload. High potential; top twenty, as early as next season.
LeBlanc: No NHL experience. Is a good tier prospect, liable to be a productive player but estimations suggest 60-70s point total at best.
First Round: Weak draft

Subban is the only one with anything close to Malkin's level at this current time, hence the gross overpayment it would require.

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