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05-02-2011, 10:04 AM
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If we are going to have this discussion each time that we sign a player around 30 years old to a long time contract than we just shouldn't sign any.

This is the risk you take. Skills deteriorate, players become more prone to injuries, and take longer to recover.

We can argue all we want about the monetary terms of the deal but the fact remains that Sather gave it to him. What did you want him to say? "No, I'm not worth that, give me less?" Is there anyone out there was has ever turned down a raise?

None of us knows his financial situation. Yes, he has made an obscene amount of money: but we don't know how much he owes or how much he has lost (if anything) during the recession.

This is not the case of a player who took the money and gave less than 100% effort (we certainly have had those). This is a universally admired player who has given his all.

Among his peers (not among shortsighted fans), his legacy will be as as a clutch performer, leader, and a player who they had to tear the uniform off of his back before he quit. I'm sure, for everyone, the respect of own's peers is more important than outsiders.

This anti-Drury venom is sickening. I'm not one who wants him back and hopes that he retires or that the Rangers buy him out. None of this is his fault: it is the fault of age and injury. He is not soaking the Rangers or taking money that he hasn't earned. I'm sure nobody in the Ranger locker room is begrudging him his money or would say anything else but that if he wants to come back....great.

This is a totally professional and class man. If he wants to return (again, I have no expectation that he will return to being a 50 point player; none at all) for the final year of his contract, give it one more shot (for sure, he will spend the summer getting into the very best condition he can) and give it his all...more power to him.

Yes, we would be better served if he retired or is bought out.

But as I said: if we don't want to live with the aging process, than forget signing Richards or anyone else. In fact, as soon as a player reaches 30 we should automatically get rid of them (or send them to the guillotine).

This whole thread is embarrassing.

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