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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
Being dumped in the minors for the multiple remaining years of your contract is far more stinging and damaging to a reputation than simply being old and not good. And it's an "event." People will remember him being sent down. They'll remember his cap number resurfacing each summer, and they'll remember him being sent down again. Drury is still an NHL player, no matter how strong or weak of one.

I'm definitely not making him out to be a HOF player. Not even close. I'm making him out to be a terrific player for a decade, who earned himself the nickname "Captain Clutch," who meant a great deal to USA hockey. I really don't believe that these final few seasons of his career will diminish his reputation as a guy that was a damn fine player.

And come on, more known for his LLWS performance than anything else? Yes, when Chris Drury is eulogized, he'll be remembered for winning a LLWS, and then they'll add in, "Oh, he also played a bit of hockey later in life." Get real. Can we make an argument without stupid exaggerations?

I'm not an "ardent Drury supporter." I think the guy is done, and I want him off the team. That doesn't mean I can't respect his career for what it is. And it certainly doesn't mean I'm going to demonize him like so many among us here at HF have.

I'm not going to respond to any more discussions about the guy's legacy, since it's really all speculative.
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