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05-02-2011, 10:33 AM
Kriss E
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
I have to agree here. It was a great card and a just okay main.

PS: I find it dumb to give less of the blame to Shields in the fight cause hes the one apparently trying to win a title.
I will always put more blame on the better fighter.
I hated Liddell and thought he was greatly overrated but at least you know his fights wouldn't go the distance. It didn't matter who challenged him, he was the Champ and he wanted to make a statement in ever fight.

I didn't think Shields was ready for a title bout and he proved it saturday. There is so much the guy can do. I thought it was stupid he didn't go for takedowns aggressively but every time he did "try", GSP stuffed them.

Gsp got his eye poked, so maybe that was the main factor. But I don't think it is considering he pretty much fought like he always does.

As for the posters bringing up Silva. Yea, he had his share of boring fights, but it wasn't due to his fighting style. The man seemed bored and simply have a let down. GSP on the other hand, is boring because of his style. He isn't as aggressive as he used to be at the beginning of his career and has become an overly technical fighter.
I'm not blaming GSP for anything. He is the Champ and in the end, it's only about winning.

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