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08-14-2005, 02:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Spongebob
Actually the midpoint this year is $28.6 million. So to answer your question. Yes, according to the way the revenue sharing is presented the Capitals should be able to have a payroll of at least $28.6 million. The first form of sharing should get the Capitals to a payroll of $24.6 million. Then the second form would kick in the last $4 million. So a team could budget for a $22 million payroll and the league would basically pay the rest. If teams can't make a profit with a $22 million payroll then they have bigger problems.

Third, with a $25 million payroll, our team will still lose money, but in the vernacular those losses will be considered a ďgentlemanís loss.Ē As a league, we will have less TV revenue, and locally I donít think we can expect to increase our ticket revenue. However, our ticket prices are going down even more. That price reduction may help attendance, but we donít anticipate it helping overall revenues.

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