Thread: Confirmed with Link: Bin Laden is Dead!!!
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05-02-2011, 01:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Monk View Post
I care about things even if it achieves nothing.
Maybe that's because I was taught from an early age to stick to my principles no matter opinion and I have taken that to heart. It's why peer pressure rarely works on me.

Having said that caring about something almost never achieves anything. An achievement rarely occurs without action, although Howson was trying to disprove that theory... :p I care about the homeless all over the world. Unless I donate (money or time) caring will have accomplished nothing, other then an emotional reaction on my part.

I stick by my fellow humans right to wave some flags, not matter my opinion of it's right or not. If necessary I will defend their right. In some countries they would be arrested. So based on that, I could give a crap less what other people think about it.

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