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05-02-2011, 01:49 PM
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Dude you're living in the pre-lockout NHL where salaries don't matter and potential is borderline meaningless.

In the post-lockout NHL salary means something, and I'm not saying all it would take is Subban/Pacioretty for Malkin but at this point I figure it's at the bare minimum a starting point and their GM doesn't necessarily hang up the phone. Plus citing that they won the cup with Crosby/Malkin already is meaningless, completely different team then than now. I don't see Pittsburgh winning a cup right now with how their team is setup. Going far? Sure.

You need to think of it from the perspective of a teams needs and the cap room. Getting rid of Malkin's salary and picking up two gifted young players who will be RFA still and sign cheaper than a UFA (and arguably could play equal or better) is a very hard thing to find in the new NHL. As a habs fan I'd never pull the trigger on this deal really so the point is moot from my end, but it doesn't mean it isn't worth discussing.

I don't think that (despite what you may think) their GM hangs up the phone. If anything he bites in a sense that he'll try to get more but would probably like what it's centered around. Two gifted young players that while they have no proven record are going to come cheap for many years and free up salary in the process allowing you to address another need.

This isn't the 1980s anymore, the salary cap matters and teams don't just think about who the better player in the deal is purely anymore, they think about how it will affect their cap and how it will allow them to maybe win one two maybe even three Stanley Cups.

You honestly think their GM is going to say "absolutely no" and hang up the phone when like 3 Stanley Cups possibly hang in the balance of a deal like this? I'm not saying he jumps to accept it, I'm just saying a deal could be worked out, it may not be the straight up deal that I mentioned but it certainly would not take all that you are mentioning, it would be probably a happy medium.

That being said I don't even want Malkin despite recognizing how good he is, if we go for a big trade it's Crosby I would consider or else keep your assets. You don't even in the slightest take into account the value a younger player with potential has, even if they're only slightly proven. It doesn't matter, these guys have some major value due to the fact that they're unproven but have that potential and won't cost the entire bank. These guys are worth it not just because of the players they are, but how it will effect the cap of ones team.

Pittsburgh frees up enough in this trade to just go out and sign Brad Richards, and if you don't think he'd take a discount after learning that they've moved Malkin for Pacioretty/Subban, even if that is as one sided a deal as you make it, the end result is having Subban/Pacioretty and Richards all for roughly the same price until the Subby/Patchy pay days come. (Post-RFA)

At the end of the day GM's build teams to win cups, they don't build teams to say "I won that trade". If you lose a trade but ultimately that trade helps make your team better and you go on to win a cup, the end result from their perspective is "Malkin-who?".

Obviously it's all hypothetical anyways but you severely undervalue Subban/Pacioretty to begin with and don't even take into account how much cap room Pittsburgh would be gaining in the process. You can't neglect that one fact and just put it on paper straight up like that. In the new NHL there is simply more to it then that.

I don't think you'd fine very many upset Pens fans if they did this deal as a result of trying to gain assets and free up cap space for another player who is also very good.

What did the unproven Erik Johnson land, are we talking just a guy like Pouliot + 3rd? Or are we talking two solid NHL players? Potential means something and if you don't believe it call up St. Louis' and Colorado's GM's.

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