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Originally Posted by Sting36e View Post
Don't know how anyone can feel comfortable trashing the player when the team, as per the norm, has done ZERO to put him in a position to succeed.

Gaborik has NEVER been a consistent creator. He's a sniper. He'll produce under one of two conditions: either someone sets him up, or he has ample time and space. There's no one to set him up, and opposing teams figured out even LAST season, by February, that if you give him no time and space, if you stick to him like glue, then he's basically a non-factor since the Rangers can't do ANYTHING to help him.

The only circumstance under which Gaborik should be carrying the puck in over the blueline is on an odd-man rush or a breakaway. On this team, he has to carry the puck all the time, which is basically a guarantee that he won't be scoring. He gets driven into the halfboards or forced around the net, usually resulting in either a turnover or the Rangers typical puckshuffle along the boards that goes nowhere.

Gaborik has to be anonymous. He has to disappear and magically reappear in the slot or in the circle just as someone lands the puck right on the blade of his stick. Who's going to do that on this team? Nobody.

But as usual, fans expect players to do things that they've never been capable of doing before just because they're wearing a Ranger uniform.

You want Gaborik to score? Try getting someone to pass him the puck at the right time/place, or play a Lemaire neutral zone choke that will send Gaborik into the other team's zone all by himself 3 or 4 times a game. With neither of those things happening, I don't see how anyone can be upset at Gaborik or accuse him of playing poorly this season.
I gotta say, I totally disagree with your post. He's not a sniper, he's got a great shot (at least he did in years past) but he's definitely not a sniper. He creates his own shots and has done so for years in Minnesota without a decent playmaker beside him. I have never seen naybody able to blow around a defenseman and then open up a goaltender, undress him, make sweet love to that goaltender's wife and then casually slide the puck in underneath him. Gabby had the confidence coming down the ice every single time that he would be able to do just that, and if he didn't, he would next time.

I think its pretty certain that there is a confidence issue there, because the guy will carry the puck and skate around a defenseman, but he is doing it all at such a slower speed than in the past it lets people catch up. Then he tries to snipe and it ends up right in the goaltenders logo. I think it probably began this season and maybe even the end of last season with an injury, but even when Gabby does get one on one with a goaltender this year, he is not able to just undress him as in the past. And thats a confidence issue, because its not about injuries, its not about system, its not about who's passing yo uthe puck. He was not able to do this year, what he has in the past even though nobody cut those magic hands. It just seems like somebody came along and told Peter Pan that his hands were not in acutality magical.

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