Thread: Confirmed with Link: Bin Laden is Dead!!!
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05-02-2011, 03:32 PM
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Whether you fall to the right, left, or even float in the middle - This is a great day for America and the rest of the world. While it isn't as easy as "cutting the head off the snake" to extinguish the radicals - This sure does take some wind out of their sails. Not to mention how some 9.11 victims families must feel. I wouldn't call it closure but more so justice. Pearl Harbor still hurts even though we won that war. 9.11 will always hurt because it's a war we can't "win".

I watered up a little when I heard the news. Gave a few "eff yeah's" and high fives. I have and always will fly old glory outside my front door.

This almost reminds me of a family funeral. A lot of people don't allow someone to know how much they appreciate them until they are too far away to hear it. No matter what political party we all (most of us) fall under - We are lucky to live such free lives here in the USA.

I make it a habbit to thank soldiers when I see them in uniform at the airports or in town. I travel a lot so I do it regularly. I mean it when I say - God Bless America. I LOVE our country.

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