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05-02-2011, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
Well reason in this case especially I blame Shields is that he blew a very big opportunity. Fighting with one eye working, that affects your timing.

He could have potentially beaten GSP if he had been more aggressive and he had plenty of time to pull it off given how early it happened. I think in this specific case especially Shields should take at least half the blame because if anything he was in an advantageous position, one which could not only have landed him the belt, but could have also allowed him to be far more aggressive even in failing to do so.

GSP didn't have to be as cautious as he was and I know it's no excuse, he's done it in the past even without the eye problem, but with the eye problem it's still no excuse but it's at least a bit more understandable. He wanted to keep the fight as fair from his side of the table as possible. Had he not been more careful maybe Shields would have been able to take him down, though I doubt it anyways because of how ineffective Shields was in general.

In the fights like the Hardy fight where we all know GSP was at a huge advantage and didn't ground and pound but chose to focus entirely on submitting Hardy which clearly wasn't working, I'd agree the fight being boring was GSP's fault.

In Koscheck two, that situation as well with the constant jabbing, though technically speaking GSP was sound, it made for a boring fight and I again blame GSP for this one. For the Shields fight I blame Shields.

I guess to me it depends on whose in the advantageous position and not capitalizing.
Let me ask you, if I got into a fight with GSP and he lost use of his eye again, would I be at an advantage?? Obviously, I'm no fighter, and the difference between me and Shields is incredible, but the point is that I don't think Shields was at an advantage.
Shields is simply not that good. If you were talking about Nick Diaz, I would have agreed, and I'd be almost incline to think Diaz would have beaten a one eyed GSP.
I was never impressed by Shields. I thought he was a promising young star, but not close to being ready for a title shot. So I can't possibly blame someone that I think wasn't ready for that fight to begin with.

Like I said, you can say GSP got his eye affected, but fact of the matter is, he didn't really fight any differently than his previous fights..

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