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Originally Posted by LarryO View Post
Has anyone ever considered that maybe they write with their right hand because their parents kept placing the crayons in their right hand when they were infants to conform to a right-handed world, despite being naturally left-handed? Doesn't the law of averages suggest that about half of us should be naturally left-handed?
Actually, I have thought about this many times. I think once I started boxing (about 20 years ago), I realized that some things were easier for me to do left-handed than the "natural" right-handed.

I could always bat both sides, but then decided to take it to another level. I realized that I could throw pretty decently left-handed (I could be equally good if I actually practiced.) I started shooting right-handed before I could skate, but after reading up on the subject from Canadian sources I tried to shoot left-handed. When I realized that I could shoot equally good without ever having practiced left-handed, I knew that I had to go left-handed and ramp up the practice.

Now, I can barely get a puck off the ice right-handed, and nowhere near the same velocity that I can generate left-handed.

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