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05-02-2011, 07:14 PM
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Originally Posted by angry_treefrog View Post
Al Qaeda just had their head cut off. If they were going to do something spectacular, they would have already done so. That's not the concern.

It was apparently known within the US intelligence community that the inability to catch OBL was due to complicity of Pakistani intelligence agencies who kept their man one step ahead of the law (i.e. US troops). It was no oversight that Pakistan was not informed of the raid, nor was it thanked in BO's speech. With OBL hanging out in a neighborhood populated by retired Pakistani military and a half mile from the Pakistani military academy, it's pretty clear that elements of the Pakistani government/intelligence agencies are "against us". What is seperating these elements from Pakistan's nuclear arsenal? If there are any more attacks, don't look at Al Qaeda... no matter who takes credit. Look at the intelligence agencies of some of our enemies and "friends".
Very well said. You a smart one, frogger.

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