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10-15-2003, 04:21 PM
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Players need to step it up...

...The onus should not be falling on MacT all the time. Why haven't any players stepped up to provide a spark? Out of the past two dismal efforts, you cannot point to one player who showed any heart and stepped up with a big hit, a good rush, a great feed/scoring chance...nothing. To be fair, the breakout from our zone still has some serious problems (coaches either need to get the breakout system pounded into the players' heads, or else devise a proper, effective one in place). Teams just clog up the neutral zone and we're stuck with crappy dump ins to centre that get turned over quickly. That seemed to be the same problem we had last season too...The guys don't seem to be skating either i.e. moving their feet very much. Forecheck is ineffective when you aren't hustling. No one is HITTING. I mean...this is just sound, fundamental hockey. What's the problem with our guys?

It's disheartening to see us lose steam after a relatively decent first period against Calgary. What the hell happened, I don't know. I don't personally see this being MacT's fault alone, though. We were breaking out fine in the first. Some of the guys look like they've misplaced their hockey sense. I mean, standing behind two defenders, cheating high on the wall in their own defensive zone hoping a puck slips past the forecheckers? Get open! Don't even get me started on the offensive side of things...

MacT mixes the lines up hoping to spark something. It's obvious the chemistry has evaporated from the pre-season (again, I have no idea why). This will force Lowe's hand in terms of leverage in the MC situation, because I do not see him sitting there waiting until December/January to make something happen. The Oil need to show some heart against Buffalo.

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