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05-03-2011, 01:19 AM
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I need one two. My Easton wooden sticks have always broken at the blade (the last one was quite painful as the blade got stuck in the crack between the driveway/grass and I skated right into the butt end of the stick which cracked the stick and...). I'm using a Sherwood 5030 85 flex stick (Spezza). It's solid but the problem is that it's heavy and I'd like something a bit lighter since I don't have the strongest wrists. The blade broke fairly quickly so I decided to just use the cheap black plastic blade that you get from Canadian Tire or wherever and have been using the blade since, it's not my favourite thing but the plastic blade never brakes unlike the wooden ones.

I keep hearing good things about the Easton ABS blade and that it doesn't break but I have no experience with this. I also see good review for the Reebok 2K because it's light and affordable.

So I'd love to know a stick where the blade is less likely to break and the stick doesn't weight a lot, don't care too much about the curve. And it would be nice if it's easily available at SportChek or some other Canadian retailer since getting sticks online is a hassle.

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