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05-03-2011, 03:19 AM
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Originally Posted by no name View Post
Tonight Kobe Bryant takes 29 shots and has 0 assists. What a jack ass.
... LOL. Kobe had a good game. Another guy's gotta be able to make a basket before Kobe can get an assist. He would have had a few in this one if that were the case.

Originally Posted by no name View Post
Take out Ron Artest and the rest of the team shot over 50%.
... Huh??? The Lakers shot 36 of 84. If you take out Kobe and Artest, they shot 21 of 47; that's 45%.

Originally Posted by no name View Post
Phil Jackson is going to have something to say about this because he always brings up how the Lakers lose more than half of the games Kobe shoots more than 20 shots.
... Usually, Kobe only takes that amount of shots when the rest of the team isn't clicking. If the team is shooting poorly, someone has to provide offense, and that's Kobe's job. Believe me, if Bynum had shot better than 3 of 8 from the floor (piss-poor for a center) or Artest could have thrown a pea in the ocean, they would have received the ball more often.

Kobe was 4 out of 9 from three, for example. The rest of the team was 1 for 10. And yet, Kobe is the one at fault?!?! Don't understand that one at all.

Originally Posted by no name View Post
I'm so glad the Lakers lost tonight. Kobe needs a reality check.
... The Lakers lost because Dallas shot way over their heads from three (9 for 20) and they had 51 points from jumpshots while the Lakers had just 31. That's how Dallas has been winning and losing games for a lot of years (and why they haven't won a title in the Dirk Nowitzki era). Live by the jumper, die by the jumper.

The Lakers scored in the paint more often than Dallas did, and they went to the rack more often. If they continue to do that, L.A. will win the series.

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