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05-03-2011, 09:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Patccmoi View Post
I agree with what you're saying, but my personal guess is that Shields never realized that GSP couldn't see from one eye.

The refs didn't know (Yves Lavigne said that if they knew the fight would've been stopped), and I think that because GSP was so careful not to leave any hole in his defense Shields just didn't realize, or not until very late anyway, that he had an eye that was out. He didn't know that he had that advantage. That being said, if he DID actually pressure more and tried to take the fight from GSP he might've noticed, but because GSP controlled him so well in the first 2 rounds and managed to hit him with a few very hard shots, Shields was very tentative for the rest and never really took any chance. Too bad for him.
You could be right. Reason I figured Shields knew is because at the end of the round GSP turned away from Shields (still pretty close) and said "my eye". Plus Shields was the one who hit him in the eye

For sure though it is possible that he didn't hear/notice. What I actually figured was that they have people watching it on TV's in the press box who tell them stuff through an ear piece? Figured it would be kind of like hockey in that regard (Muller)

If there isn't then there should be, any information can often help and people who can see from a better angle (TV) might see something a coach isn't seeing. Of course, it isn't a big rink like in hockey but I figured it would probably be the case that they have somebody up top giving the coaches information.

That being said, you might be right, Shields seemed to land more hits as the fight went on, but for him to not realize for so long... wow lol. I definitely think he should've shot for the take down more often and people who say 1 per round was enough, I disagree given that it was a Jake Shields fight. If it was Chuck (hypothetical random example) obviously I'd understand not shooting for the take down, but BJJ is Jake's bread a butter. Plus there was a time or two he caught GSP leg and he didn't take him down.

He seemed far too intimidated. I agree with people saying 2nd fight in the UFC should not have been GSP. They should have made him fight at least another 2-3 people, why because then he'd have faced stiff competition of different types prior to GSP and maybe would've been more confident.

Second fight in the UFC against GSP after a less than average first fight victory... kind of sketch.

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