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05-03-2011, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by no name View Post
Tonight Kobe Bryant takes 29 shots and has 0 assists. What a jack ass. Take out Ron Artest and the rest of the team shot over 50%. That was ball hogging to epic measures. Phil Jackson is going to have something to say about this because he always brings up how the Lakers lose more than half of the games Kobe shoots more than 20 shots. Phil hates that, nevermind the fact that he shot 9 more times over the 20 shot mark.

I'm so glad the Lakers lost tonight. Kobe needs a reality check.
Well how many championships have the Lakers won? Kobe is a big part of those championships. Gasol fouled Dirk. Gasol lost the ball on the play after. The Laker Bench was terrible as well as Bynum. Does Kobe ball hog? Yes. It's always the same the Lakers lose its Kobe's fault.

Well I know one thing that's missing on the Kings, a Kobe Bryant type player. Superstar and someone who hates to lose. Please Kings get somebody with a big ego please because I'm tired of losing with a bunch of nice unselfish players.

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