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05-03-2011, 11:20 AM
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Where I think that you will have some options, and to some extent those exist today, is that the MMO you play at home on a PC or console (if there is a difference between the two), will have increasingly useful adjunct mobile apps that let you tweak your characters, play on auction houses, etc. during the day, but that mobile gaming app isn't going to replace the big screen or the high-res, large monitor. Small isn't better for visual stimulation until you're projecting images onto your retinas. The trend is towards smaller and more powerful computing, but larger and larger displays — thinner and lighter perhaps, but surface area is still king. Mobiles get around that by creating new and addictive genres intended for the commute, for the waiting room, for the wait between ordering and your food arriving to your table.

There is definitely that gaming market, but it's circles that only overlap a little bit. The mobile market doesn't cannibalize the PC and console markets.

There is a market for games that you play for a little while, in small chunks, but there is still a market for games you play for seven hours at a stretch. You aren't going to hold the screen, the entire iPad-like device, for that time. Once you are no longer willing to physically hold up the device, it's over. It's a different gaming experience.

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