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Originally Posted by flyingpig View Post
The only way that works as leverage for the Sabres is if he gets hurt or plays poorly.
The only way he signs a deal this summer is for a major overpayment. Don't you think he and his agent are aware that they may have more leverage next season--third year in the league, looming possibility of offer sheet, etc--and will wait until next summer? Part and parcel of my opinion that it should be done next season is that he's not going to accept anything short of a serious overpayment this summer.

Further, next season is the last under this CBA. There's likely to be some significant changes. One of the major rumblings is that the league is going to want to increase the UFA age to 29. That will have an effect on Myers' next deal.

We have an owner who'll pay Myers. That's not a concern. They'll have plenty of time to take care of this next summer.

Originally Posted by Sabretip View Post
I think even a conservative thinker like Regier knows that waiting til then would be playing with fire - especially if Myers breaks out in his 3rd season. Right now, there's a fair balance of leverage for both sides: the Myers camp can promote his Calder season, while the Sabres camp can remind that a 2nd year player coming off an inconsistent season still has a lot of room to improve and grow.

I suspect that there will be some discussions about Myers' contract before training camp, but after most of the more pressing personnel (RFA / trade / draft) issues are dealt with.
There may be some discussions, but I don't see an agreement in the near future. How many players have signed big deals after their second year and during the summer in which they were 21? I'd guess very few. It's fairly clear Myers doesn't want to deal with it until next summer. Fine. We have an owner who'll pay him. We have a GM who's enamored with his own draft picks.

Tyler Myers ain't goin' nowhere.

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