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05-03-2011, 02:11 PM
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Never saw Leon Russell but wish I had (i think he's currently touring(who isn't)).

Captain beefheart --- going Waaaaaaaaaay back.

but V.U. is always fine w/ me.

If your listeing to bluesy stuff or getting into older types of music go to i-tunes and type in Jeff Beck Rock and Roll party. Its all the music he played on his tour which is solely a tribute to Les Paul. There are some great old rock standards, and the vocalist he toured with, Imelda May, not only has a great voice but is one sexy lady in the 40-50's lounge singer model. My son downloaded me the whole extended album on one of the free sites. it has about 30 songs, and Beck tears it up on each one, as he did in concert.

I miss me some Allman Brothers, pulling the greatest hits CD now for the drive across town for this afternoons court appearance. Whiping Post, Jessica, one way out. I have eat a peach on LP, I'll put that on this PM.

I have lots of old Zappa, but I havent been in that mode or mood for a long time!!!!

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