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05-03-2011, 02:17 PM
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Noob needs help with Stick/Shooting

Quick background - I'm 24 years old, barely ever stepped on a sheet of ice until last September when I decided I wanted to try it out. I still suck but I enjoy it a lot. Been taking classes and in a beginners league now.

Stick background - I'm 6'5, ~190-195 pounds. I currently have the same stick I started with - A wooden Sher-Wood 9950, 105 Flex, Statsny curve, comes up to my nose without skates on.

It's starting to crack - so I need something new. But aside from that, I've had issues elevating the puck. This stiff stick has forced me to work very hard on my form and I'm finally at a point where I can start consistently getting elevation on my shots - but it's still a struggle and I can't "flip" the puck up nearly as effectively as I'd like to be. Top Shelf = no go. I think I need to drop down to something with a lower flex to help me get a feel for this better.

I am 195 pounds - but I'm tall and relatively skinny. I'm not as strong as your average 195 pound hockey player so maybe the old - "flex should be half your body weight", doesn't perfectly apply to me...

Don't want to break the bank, but I could spend around $130 before I start feeling particularly bad about it.

I'm thinking maybe a 2 piece or 1 piece composite, with a nice open curve (not sure about lie?), and something like an 85 flex? Thoughts on that?

Furthermore - how do I find a stick that is long enough for me? I don't see length listed on a lot of these websites that sell sticks online. Is my best bet going into a store and trying them out in person? Will I almost certainly need to get the stick altered somehow to extend it?

Happy to be on the forums after lurking a long time, thanks in advance for the help.

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