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I'm 6'4" 280 35 years old, have been playing for a little under 2 years and use a 75 flex Harrow 300 2 piece set up. I like that I was able to try several different blades before settling on a #7 pattern. I heard a lot about the "Flex half your weight" and my first sticks were much stiffer (I even tried a pro-stock 115 flex stick), and when I tried the 75, I just assumed I'd snap that stick on my first shot.

The thing is, that stick has taught me so much about proper shooting mechanics, and has held up just fine in 6 months of games, and roughly 6,000 shots on my homemade shooting range. I feel the flex, I feel the stick working with me. Do I feel a little more zip when I step up and use one of my 85 flex stick, yes I do when the shot is perfect. But I don't always feel it flex and get the kick on my shot in a game situation, which I always feel on my 75. I'm sure I'll eventually get the same confidence in the 85 that I have in the 75, but am so grateful to have given the 75 a shot, and to learn how to properly shoot with it.

As far as length, I actually cut about an inch off of the Harrow shafts to get it down to my upper lip in shoes, while I had to put a plug into the warrior shaft and Rbk stick to get it that tall.

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