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08-14-2005, 02:44 PM
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Think about it behind the scenes here.....Do you think all the talk of Sully playing center may have some effect on the negotiations between Sully and Poile?

Think about it...if Sully plays center...potentially his goal scoring may go down...although you would think total point production may stay constant. If Sully is coming up on a UFA market year next year...would a decrease goal production in 2005/6 tend to lessen his leverage in dollar pay out?
Is Poile dangling a longer term contract at a decent [although not spectacular] amount, such as 3.0-3.2 per year for 2-3 years in hopes that he will bite and not take the chance of a lower production year at his secondary position of center [especially on the 2nd line] right before a UFA year, which the Preds may have to have him spend alot of time at.

I guess on the other hand, you could argue that if he has a decent year at center his UFA value may be enhanced because he has shown the versatility of playing both wing and center in a quality manner....

No doubt Sully is using Kariya money as a negotiating tool. I can't see Poile giving him more than a 3.0 mill, 3.25 mill, 3.5mill or roughly 10 mill over 3 years.
Yea we could trade him for a good center, but with him one year away from UFA, we could only probably get a similair circumstance coming back our way......

My gut says he takes his QO and goes UFA next year....I have the feeling he is not enamoured with Nashville long term either.....

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