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Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
dude is 6'3 210 and has alot of talent yet people here want him bought out.

even last season when, according to many here, the guy flat out suked, he still put up 12/23/35 and a plus 6. same points as boyle got in 9 less games and less minutes played per game.

this is a guy whos averaged 18 goals and 30 assists every year for 5 years in the nhl.

anyone saying he doesnt have skills needs to take a look at what he did when he went went insane his last year playing for brampton

56 47 81 128 21 30

those are filthy numbers. and all that in 56 games.

and please notice one more thing about mr wolski. hes played 27 playoff games in his career and hes got 17 points in those games. over half a ppg in the playoffs aint bad.

yeah, lets throw him away. that makes alot of sense.
Honestly, who the **** cares what he did in Brampton half a decade ago? Focus on what Wolski actually provided for the Rangers (and Phoenix this year) instead of what he was able to provide 6 freaking years ago in juniors.

Looking at stat lines and career averages is absolutely worthless. You need to be focused on what he will provide to our lineup and with our coach. Wolski has talent, but just doesn't give a ****.

Remember the icing call in the our elimination game, when he had three or four strides on the Cap defenseman, and decided to lolly-dally to the puck and was beaten? That's why Wolski received so little ice time. That's why he would receive little ice time next year. All the talent in the world doesn't matter if you don't earn your spot to actually produce. I don't deny that Wolski is one of the most talented players on this Rangers team. Unfortunately, talent alone doesn't make a good hockey player.

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