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Originally Posted by Dutch Frost View Post
How about the league stop trying to fleece people of there hard earned money on nonsense like "alternate" Jersey's that ring up to the hundreds of dollars. I know other sports do it but the NHL is blatant about having multiple Jersey's each and every season leaving the poor fan left out to spend more just to show there undying loyalty to a group of individuals who can care less. They then turn around and come out with a "newer" jersey. I still have the original Islanders Jersey I bought when I was 14 and I got it as an XL so it can always fit me. Had no interest in buying the gordon fisherman, no interest in buying the orange/blue nonsense and I still wont spend my money on the newer one.. which is just like the old one.

Rant over
1. Nobody's forcing you to buy the jersey
2. People without $300 to spend won't be buying the jersey
3. How dare Charles Wang or any other NHL owner try to make money

This franchise is starting to turn the corner in terms of on-ice talent, I thought maybe this board could finally chill with the constant Chicken Little attitude. Islanders have been a franchise since 1972 and have never once tried the black alternate. You can only do so much with Navy Blue and Orange. Let's look at the color scheme of the other black alternates in the NHL:

Philly (3rd) - Black and Orange
Boston - Black and Yellow (blackandyellowblackandyellowblackandyellowblackan dyellow)
Pitt - Black and Beige
TB - Black and Rhite
Carolina (3rd) - Black and Red
Ottawa (3rd) - Black and Red
Vancouver - Old ones are Black, Yellow, Red
San Jose (3rd) - Black and Teal
Anaheim (3rd) - Black and Dark Orange
Phoenix (3rd) - Black and Red
Los Angeles (3rd) - Black and White
Chicago(3rd) - Black and Red
Dallas (3rd) - Black and Green
Calgary(3rd) - Black and Red
One color scheme that isn't on the list? Black and Blue. Just like we left the Penguins on 2/11, no other team is doing Black and Blue.

Is there a chance the jersey could look terrible? Knowing the way the Islanders are operated, absolutely. But please reserve judgment, otherwise you're gonna hate the jersey no matter what it looks like, something called self-fulfilling prophecy.

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