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05-03-2011, 05:40 PM
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completely agree with anubis. who cares if you saved a couple bucks if the skates don't fit your feet right. go to a local hockey shop(if you have the luxury) and get fit properly. if you can, try to avoid the temptation of buying online as there will be some hidden costs by going that route that will end up evening out if you would have bought locally. by this i mean adding in the cost of baking, and re-baking if necessary, which would cost you each time if you decided not to buy from a local shop. this would be free each time if you buy local. also, many shops will charge you extra for a first sharpen, which again, would be free if purchased locally.

for $300, you can buy a solid pair of intermediate level skates. doesn't matter which brand you go with as long as they fit right.

just saw you've been skating in 652' brother wore those for a long time, vacutacks ftw! skates these days are way different now. i just got back into the game myself from a 10+ year layoff. last pair of skates i had were supreme 5000's and went through the same thing you're going through now. only i did actually go the lhs route but unfortunately didn't realize the kids who were helping me didn't really know what they were doing. eventually found a guy who i could trust and couldn't be happier with what i have now...but i still get the unhealthy urge to try different stuff just for the hell of it.

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