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05-03-2011, 06:05 PM
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Originally Posted by RangerEsq View Post
Because unlike the short-minded thinking that allows people to only consider the next season, some of us are focused on the fact that part of that hit will be left over for 2012-13 when the team's youth will mature and the overall team will be in much better shape to contend by acquiring a player via trade or free agency then.
So what's the big deal about some cap hits affecting that season? All of our key RFA's will be re-signed this summer... Cap keeps going up as NHL revenues continue to be healthy.

What is your Plan A anyway? You keep criticizing what others are suggesting, but what is your plan? Other than taking the season off.

Have you acknowledged the less than desirable free agent list for the 2012 summer?

Which players on that list present a better option than pursuing Richards this season? You mentioned a trade.... What players do you anticipate will be available to be traded for and at what price to our current depth chart?

Stepan and AA may never develop into 1st line Center material.... And on the whim that one of them does, that process make take 3-5 years of development. Rangers can't sit around crossing their fingers that certain inexperienced players will mature into crucial roles to fill big holes on our roster. Our goaltender is ready to compete now...

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